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AE Organic Cosmetics

AE Organic Cosmetics founded by two sisters who are interested in natural herbal ingredients which will benefit human kinds not only from the surface level, but also give your beauty regimen an extra boost with these natural skin, hair, and body enhancers.

The Challenge

Most of the competition was using pinks and golds.

To create a brand that evokes the feeling walking on cloud: soft, clean, dreamy, and romantic. We chose three low saturated colors pink, yellow, and green as the primary brand colors. 

Our solution

To house cosmetics of a higher caliber, we created campaign images, packaging, and business cards that reflect how women feel after using the organic products: pink, fluid, refreshing, and brightened up.


Identity & Branding

Packaging design

Collateral design


AE Organic Cosmetics



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Recovery night oil

AE organic’s signature product, “recovery night oil”, is an anti-aging serum which has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A luxurious set-top box was used to safely ship the product and create a remarkable unboxing experience.


Light-blocking brown material was used to preserve and protect the quality of ingredients inside.We designed the bottles to be simple but lively, with informative words written on the bottle about its function. Elements such as green leaf and soft palm impart a magical, hand-touched feel.

A touch of nature

When it comes to organic, we mean it. To bring out the brand’s mission in full potential,  every color, pattern, and material were designed to be eco-friendly, wellness - conscious, and of course, extremely lovely to display.

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