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Delta White

Delta White

Android Homme

Bold. Detailed. Inspired. Android Homme is an LA-based luxury sneaker brand represented in some of the world’s most premium retailers.


The Challenge

Building an on-brand campaign for its latest shoe collection that showcases fabrics details and reflects high-end aesthetics.


Our Solution

​We sent the shoe collection into the future through imagery and storytelling. By treating each shoe as an experimental piece of art, we created a sci-fi lab environment to highlight its futuristic features. 


Art Direction 




Android Homme




We used an all-white space as a studio, plastic cover as a backdrop

to set up the laboratory scene. 


To highlight the crafting process of each shoe, we applied elements such as unfinished parts, craft tools, and the designer's hand in a white glove.

A touch of real and rendered smoke

gives the product a sense of mystery

and sophistication.

noun_Video Camera_3243364.png

Each shoe is its own experiment, and the customers are invited to peek at the future of shoe craftship through a private viewing experience.


The Campaign

To infuse the brand's identity into their latest campaign, we developed a series of shots that focused on movement. Both the idea and images we came up with reflecting its millennial customers'  aesthetics and interests.