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Pluck Talent Agency

Rebranding Pluck摘星阁, an influencer talent rep company in Shenzhen, China. Pluck encourages and celebrates women’s empowerment, independence and confidence. Created custom logo, icon and brand strategy to reflect Pluck unique identity.

We started my process from "Golden Ratio". It is a mathematical ratio that seems to appear recurrently in beautiful things in nature as well as in other things that are seen as “Beautiful”. Pluck is not as an influencer talent rep, but also promoting that all girls are beautiful the way they are. 


Logo design

Identity & branding

Collaterals design


Pluck talent agency



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Pluck Girl

Fall in love with yourself and your flaws. Love yourself unconditionally and make it a habit to practice some form of self-care every day. Get comfortable with your body, weaknesses, failures, personality, and so on. Get comfortable in your own skin.

Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.png

Beauty is about
being comfortable
in your own skin.

Being comfortable in your skin doesn’t mean you have to stay complacent with yourself. It doesn’t mean never needing to change, or never needing to improve some area of your life. It doesn’t mean being narcissistic, arrogant, or prideful. It means you have the confidence in yourself, and believing  in yourself because confidence plays a crucial role in the self-love department.

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