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Lining - Shinemarketplace
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Shine Marketplace (Chinese name: 闪) is the first Chinese hype-culture streetwear incubator in North America, discovering and promoting designers. They are also breaking streetwear-retail tradition by combining new apparel, sneakers, accessories, food, and more to redefine the hype lifestyle. When designing their store look, we referenced the old Chinese grocery store.

Brand & Store Installation

Newsletter design

Signage Design





With its multi-culture influence in mind, we took inspiration from the traditional Chinese grocery store when designing its store look. We chose two high contrast colors: orange and blue for a bright and energetic impression that aligns with the store’s young audience. By incorporating neon signs that writes“饺子”(dumplings),“酒”(alcohol) and others, the wall decoration showcases symbols that are deeply roots in the Chinese culture.


By inviting two models with distinctive facial features, styled in Shine’s apparels, the campaigns balance the neon light-lit grocery environment with cool and funky street-wears. Creating a shopping experience that’s trendy, inviting, and one of a kind.

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