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Android Homme

The West Coast heritage is woven into the DNA of Android Homme, a LA- based luxury brand. For this project, the client wanted to showcase a new collection of 3M reflective slides in an elegant manner that reflects its very own DNA, the Los Angeles lifestyle.


The Challenge

To create a campaign for its latest slides collection that translates the luxurious and relaxing lifestyles for the brand and its LA's customers. 


Our Solution

The production took place at the landmark Line Hotel. To highlight the brand's heritage, we integrated hills, streets, and other symbols of LA in the backdrop.​

During the shoot, we cooperated with props such as champagne, ice bucket, and upscale silverware to bring out these high-end attributes.

A sense of elegance, classy, and vulnerability was carried through the campaign, giving the product a unique yet on-brand character that speaks to the LA customers. 


Art Direction 




Android Homme




To showcase the sandals in a modern and vintage way, we invited two highly recognizable models in Los Angeles to create a "love affair".



Inspired by the interplay between intimacy and homeware, we came up with the visual story of a love affair.


Each image included unique

elements of  LA.


Two characters sparked a smoky and intimate tension, accompanied by the Android Homme slides that won't tell.

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